Part I: Contact

First of all,

Greatest movie, book, author, and astronomer of all time. Contact by Carl Sagan. My dad and I watched that movie together a lot growing up. On top of that, Dad always had a telescope of some kind. We would look at planets, stars, the moon, whatever was out. If I’m being honest, Dad was the big nerd that made me the nerd I am. But really, these two things are what sparked my interest in those little points of light in the night sky. I idolized Ellie Arroway (main character in Contact) growing up. I wanted to be smart! I wanted to be that girl that had a book for every occasion: a “bus” book, a “lunch break” book, a “theater class” book, you know, like Rory Gilmore. I loved Rory Gilmore in Girlmore Girls, too. It’s a TV series following a girl beginning in high school named Rory. Rory is such a strong, smart girl driven to go to Harvard and her mother is very eccentric and quirky. I loved it. I wanted to be like that. And yes, I am embarrassed to say that I got all my inspo from TV and movies. But hey, I could spin this around to say something like: See? Even I didn’t know reality yet. It’s not like I was solving equations since I could talk or anything.  In fact, math and science turned out to be a pretty big struggle for me in elementary school and that persisted into high school.


This was in Harder Klum overlooking Gindelwald. We visited several cities in Switzerland including Grindelwald, Spiez, and Interlaken. All equally stunning in beauty and nature.
Spiez, Switzerland (ft. Spiez Castle) 🏰
The great Kirsten and Jacob Ruth! Belgium has been good to you but we are excited to have you back in the states soon!
This concludes Part I but, on another note: Look at Switzerland! I visited some friends this past summer (Jacob and Kirsten) and we explored Europe together. It was me and Noah’s first time traveling out of the country. It was absolutely lovely. Hey! This gives me a great idea for another post.

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