Welcome to my first DIY blog post!

It’s going to be really short because I am not one to start my own DIY projects. So, I don’t have my own DIY to share but rather the tips and tricks to a pre-existing one that I’ve found extremely useful. It began a few years back when I really needed my hair trimmed but I couldn’t afford a hair cut. 


As a disclaimer, I love my hair. I LOVE it. I love having long hair and am very, very picky about who touches my hair. I don’t even like hair dressers that try to tell me how to cut it – the last time I took a hair dresser up on a suggestion to “cut all my dead hair off” I looked like Dora the Explorer going into my freshman year of college (never again). This led to a big hiatus from going to the hair salon.

A few years back, I was in Clemson, SC with hair that hadn’t been cut in over a year and I was needing a trim badly but I didn’t want to go to a new salon and I certainly didn’t want to pay for it. I googled DIY haircut hacks and found a good sample of DIY hair hacks for long hair. This is the one I use exclusively because it’s super easy, quick, and pretty hard to mess up!

There are some really nice perks to doing your own hair, specifically using this technique:


  • Buy TWO utensils but virtually pay nothing for any future hair trims! 
  • You pick the amount you want to cut
  • Get a great, layered hairstyle in less than ten minutes
  • A perfect V shape style in the back
  • You get to pick when you cut your hair and how often without breaking the bank 🙂

Whenever I see those dead ends growing out of control, that’s when I start considering doing this trim again. But, as this great influencer in the video mentions, for other hair styles, it’ll probably be best to leave it up to the experts ;-). For now though, this has kept my hair in tip-top shape as a ~baller on a budget~! 

Here are the utensils I use!

The cut-razor comb – $5.99 at Sally’s Beauty! This thins and fluffs the hair edges. I use this after trimming the dead ends off.
Procare styling shears (5.5in) – currently on clearance for $10.19 at Sally’s Beauty! This is what I use to cut the bulk of my dead ends off.
You’ll also need a hair straightener, a hairbrush, 3-4 small hair ties, and 1-2 regular-sized hair ties. I use a regular towel underneath me to catch any hair and just shake it out later for easy clean up. The actual trim time takes me about ten minutes but it would fair to say the first time will take the longest because you’ll be scared (lol).
This is really all you need to cut your own long hair from home, as long as you don’t mind and/or want layers! Below, I share some photos I took after I cut my hair.

Happy hair cutting!



  1. Rachel Cross

    Can u pls tell me the 2nd item u bought from Sally’s ? It’s cut off on this page. I’m not sure if it’s my cell or what. It shows the Sally’s razor comb. The other tool, I can only see the corner & can’t tell what it is. Of all the diy-V cut videos I favored this one too off youtube & saved it to do my own hair (which I’m literally ab to do.) Can u pls explain how u use the razor comb ? I don’t have one- does it make a big difference to you ? Also, does it matter how u direct the hair into the ponytail from the sides up ? Should it be brushed from the back forward all the way around the length of the head up over the ears or is it important to brush the sides from the sides forward to put into the ponytail while keeping the bulk of the hair behind the ears ? Im anal & need specifics or I’ll pick it all apart & freak myself out. I’m not sure if what I’m saying makes any sense but I’ve put off trying this cut bc there’s no specifics anywhere on how to over direct the sides of the hair up into a ponytail & this worries me. I’m scared I’ll mess it up & end up with layers too long on the top & shorter underneath. It’s hard to find a stylist who listens & cares what u want. Many say okay to what I want but do something totally different no matter how I emphasize how much it means to me they stick to doing exactly what I’ve asked for. Ive had stylists chop my “dead ends” off numerous times when I went in with long hair & walked out in tears bc it was so short. I’d ask for layers while keeping length & most don’t listen. I think it’s hard for stylists to resist chopping a lot off when they have scissors in their hands & they see dead or split ends. Thanks for this post it’s given me reassurance 🙂 🥰

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    1. jleagle94

      Hey Rachel! I’m happy to share how I use this tutorial on my own hair. The exact cut-razor comb that I (still) use is here:

      From what little about hair care that I know (any hairstylists feel free to expand on the purpose/benefits of cut-razor combs), the cut-razor comb is really good at softening the edges of your hair. Specifically for amateurs cutting their own hair, its likely not to be the perfect shape, and the cut-razor comb does a great job softening this out.

      The second benefit of using a cut-razor comb, is that it gives you that fine choppy look on the ends of your hair. If you want a perfect blunt line forming from the ends of your hair (e.g., something like this), the cut-razor comb may not be a tool you want to use, but then again, you may be better off going to a professional to achieve a perfect blunt hair length.

      Regarding how to direct the hair into the ponytail, I definitely recommend following the tutorial where she straightens her hair and neatly puts it into a pony tail. I did not think too much how I was directing the hair, just making sure it was not bumpy and instead had a smooth hair surface anywhere on my head. The only thing that I noticed that is really important to think about is *where* you put the first hair tie. If you tie your hair towards the top of your forehead, the layers will dominate in the front (and you keep more of your overall length), whereas if you lower the hair tie from your forehead, the layers will dominate towards the back of your head (and you will lose more length). For this reason, I have only put that first hair tie in the same position as you see her do in the tutorial, since I am like you and like to keep the length!

      I totally feel your pain. I also find it hard to find a good hairstylist I can trust, and after moving so much, I found that buying these tools and just completing this quick haircut myself whenever I feel it’s time has not only saved me money and time, but also saves me the headache of finding a great hairdresser/anxiety of trusting the wrong one! I hope this helps!


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