Interactive CV

Jordan L . Eagle                                                                                                                                                                                                Boston, MA 02135


PhD     Candidate, Clemson University, Physics Fall 2019-Present

MS       Clemson University, Physics Fall 2019

           Thesis: Investigation of a Candidate for Cosmic Ray Acceleration

           Advisor: M. Ajello

BS        Radford University, Physics May 2016

           Minored in Astronomy and Spanish

Research Experience


Harvard & Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Spring 2020—Present

High Energy Astrophysics

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Castro

Objective: Search for and characterize gamma-ray emitting pulsar wind nebulae (PWNe). Through this work, we will provide a comprehensive PWN catalog of all known PWNe and their properties using over 100 months of Fermi-LAT gamma-ray space telescope data.

Clemson University Spring 2017—Spring 2020

High Energy Astrophysics

Advisor: Dr. Marco Ajello

Objective: Identify and characterize 12 newly detected sources by the Fermi-LAT in the 2FHL catalog reported in 2016 (see Eagle et al., 2019, 2020).


College of William & Mary and NASA Summer 2015

REU Internship

  • Summer student intern at NASA through the NSF-funded REU program at College of William & Mary
  • Research involved material characterization at the nondestructive evaluation branch.
  • Presented research at the Council of Undergraduate Research’s REU Symposium in October 2015.

Radford University  2014—2015

Independent Study in Radio Astronomy

  • Completed independent study from fall 2014 – spring 2015 involving the construction and use of a Radio Jove Kit

National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)   Summer 2014


  • Performed educational research in radio astronomy (ERIRA) at the NRAO in Green Bank, West Virginia.

Radford University  2014—2016

Arctic Geophysics

  • During spring 2014 and 2016 semesters, participated as part of a Arctic research team for a Geophysics course.
  • Research mission to find correlation between surface temperature of Arctic sea ice and the thickness of the ice. Conducted onsite in Barrow, Alaska.
  • Results presented at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting of 2014 in San Francisco.

Radford University  2015—2016

Research Assistantship

Collaborated in research project from 2015—2016 with physics and biology professors to improve quality of learning in the field for the Arctic Geophysics course and coupled to a biology project to study Arctic wildlife, requiring assembly and use of equipment that could translate

Teaching Experience

Clemson University Fall 2016 – Fall 2018

Teaching assistant, Physics and Astronomy Department

  • Introductory Astronomy Lab. Lead instructor for each course.

Radford University Fall 2014 – Spring 2016

Teaching assistant, Physics Department

  • Electronics Lab, Spring 2016. Assisted lead instructor.
  • Introductory Physics, Fall 2014—Fall 2015. Assisted lead instructor.
  • Radford Summer Bridge. Summer 2014. Assisted lead instructor.

Honors, Grants, and Awards

Chandra X-ray Center (CXC)

Predoctoral Fellowship  Spring 2020 – Present.

Completing PhD thesis while funded by the CXC.

Clemson University

NuSTAR General Observer Program Cycle 6 $62,000.00 USD, Spring 2020.

General Observer Program, Cycle 6. NASA Research Announcement NNH19ZDA001N. Proposal number 6053.

Fermi-LAT Guest Investigator Program, Cycle 11 $60,000.00 USD, Spring 2018.

Fermi Guest Investigator Program, Cycle 11. NASA contract 80NSSC18K1716. Proposal number 111197.

Graduate Student Travel Grant $500.00 USD, Spring 2019.

Awarded by Clemson University Physics and Astronomy department.

Radford University

Highlander Student Research Grant $500.00 USD, Spring 2015.

Awarded by Office of Undergraduate Research.

Physics Faculty and Alumni Scholarship $300, $300, $450 USD. 2013—2015.

Awarded fall 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Society of Physics Student Reporter Award $200.00 USD, Fall 2014.

Was published in their spring 2015 issue for the report on the American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting.


Journal Publications

  1. Gamma-ray Emission Revealed at the Western edge of SNR G344.7—0.1. Eagle, J., Marchesi S., Castro D., Ajello M., Vendraso A., 2020. ApJ, 904, 2.
  2. 2FHL J0826.1-4500: Discovery of a Possible Shock-Cloud Interaction on the Western Edge of the Vela SNR. Eagle, J., Marchesi S., Castro D., Ajello M., Duvidovich L., Tibaldo L., 2019. ApJ, 870, 1.



  1. Hunting Pulsar Wind Nebulae with the Fermi-­­LAT. Eagle, J., Castro D., 2021. AAS 237th Meeting, iPoster Sessions.
  2. 2FHL J0826.1-4500: Discovery of a New Galactic Accelerator. Eagle, J., Marchesi S., Castro D., Ajello M., Duvidovich L., Tibaldo L., Oct. 14-19, 2018. 8th International Fermi Symposium, Baltimore, MD.


  1. Comparing Geophysical Methods for Determining the Thickness of Arctic Sea Ice: Is There a Correlation Between Thickness and Surface Temperature? Robertson, R., Bowman, T., Eagle, J. Fisher, L., Mankowski, K., McGrady, N., Schrecongost, N., Voll, H., Zulfiqar, A., Herman, R. 2016. American Geophysical Union Fall 2016 meeting.
  2. Testing Rapid Fabrication Tools of SAW Devices. Eagle, J., 2015. CUR REU Symposium.
  3. Taking on the 2014 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Dec 15-19, 2014. Eagle J.. 2015. pg. 25. SPS Spring 2015 issue.
  4. A Possible Correlation between Surface Temperature and Thickness of Arctic Sea Ice. Herman, R., Roadcap, C., Eagle, J., Montgomery, S., Baumgardner, C., Brett, M., Blake, D. 2014. American Geophysical Union Fall 2014 meeting.

Professional Training

Fermi Summer School

Fermi-LAT Collaboration, Lewes, Delaware, Summer 2019

Description: Two-week intensive workshop including various data analysis skills in processing and interpreting Fermi data ranging from extended analyses, point source analyses, extension tests, packages like Naima to generate SED models, and more.

Computer Skills

Programming: Python, Pyraf/IRAF, C++


  • Skilled in data analysis for astrophysical instruments including
    • Gemini (optical),
    • XMM-Newton and Chandra (X-ray), and
    • Fermi-LAT (gamma-ray).
  • Experienced with spectral analysis tools including
    • XSPEC,
    • HEASOFT tools, and
    • Sherpa

Professional Affiliations

Fermi-LAT Collaboration, 2020—Present

Professional Service


Peer-Reviewed Articles for The Astrophysical Journal

Public Outreach Secretary Spring 2019—Spring 2020

Clemson University Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Government.

Symposium in Research for Physics and Astronomy (SIRPA) organizer  August 2019

Funded and hosted annually by the Clemson University Physics and Astronomy department.


Vice President of Radford University’s Society of Physics Students   2014—2016

Member of Sigma Pi Sigma​

Community Service


Minds Matter Boston

Mentor, Boston, MA, Fall 2020—Present

Description: Volunteer co-mentorship of a junior high school student in Boston City to help them prepare and achieve higher education goals.

Oconee Humane Society

Fostered homeless pets, Seneca SC, Spring 2019—Summer 2019

Clemson University Planetarium Operator

Clemson University, 2016—2019

Description: Volunteer operation of the planetarium on campus for any interested groups free of charge including families, student groups, prospective students, special events, and more.


Radford University Planetarium Operator

Radford University, 2014—2016

​Description: Regular operation of planetarium on campus for any interested groups free of charge including families, prospective students, field trips, and more.

RU Science Days

Radford University, 2013—2016

Description: Hosted planetarium and educational science shows to visiting elementary school groups free of charge.

Employment History


Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics    Cambridge, MA

Chandra X-ray Center Predoctoral Fellowship Spring 2020—Present: Predoctoral Fellow. Conducting high energy astrophysics research.

Clemson University   Clemson, SC

Physics & Astronomy Department Spring 2019—Present: Research Assistant.

Clemson University   Clemson, SC

Physics & Astronomy Department 2016—Fall 2018: Teaching Assistant.


College of William & Mary   Williamsburg, VA

REU Summer Student Internship Summer 2015: Student Intern. Researched rapid fabrication tools of surface acoustic wave devices at NASA.

Radford University   Radford, VA

Research Assistantship Spring 2015: Research Assistant. Built and deployed equipment to study Arctic microclimate.

Radford University  Radford, VA

Introductory Physics and Electronics Lab Fall 2014—2016: Lab Assistant. Assist with lab procedures and calculations.

Radford University  Radford, VA

RU Summer Bridge Summer 2014: Teacher’s Assistant. Assist with construction and delivery of lesson plans.

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