Hi everyone!

I feel obligated to apologize for neglecting my personal blog while working on very new virtual outreach content. Hopefully you all understand the struggle! Between juggling research, preparing for my PhD defense (and thesis writing 🥵), post-doctoral grant applications, my personal blog, local volunteer work, etc, etc, and NOW this YouTube channel (‼️), my plate is pretty full 🥴.

The (On) Planet Nine YouTube channel‘s first ever season has commenced! So, I am accordingly putting all of my energy into these videos and sharing them. The first season is anticipated to end in February, and when that happens, I will re-arrange priorities to continue writing blog posts about ongoing research. I know there are a couple loose ends to be tied, and I also haven’t shared much regarding my current PhD research, so I’d love to do that more, too!

In the meantime, it would mean so much if you could watch/view/share our newest YouTube videos among your networks! Of course, I hope you enjoy the content and can think of one or more people who may also enjoy it 😄. Science is meant to be shared and rejoiced!

I do a little shameless plug of all of our links and latest available YouTube videos below! Lea’s episode two just came out TODAY and it features a little live music in the introduction ☺️.

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Social media handle: @onplanetnine

Series 1: Discovering the Universe

NEW! Episode 2

Episode 1

Series 2: The Basics to Astrotools

Episode 1

Did you know we also feature guest interviews with other astronomers??

Next up is the incredible Dr. Alex Filippenko crashing On Planet Nine and telling us about how he (and his team ofc) ended up discovering the acceleration of the expansion of The Universe! The full video releases November 27 (NEXT SATURDAY!) so watch out 👀

Get yourself hype about Alex. He is seriously an amazing presenter and I guarantee he will make you giddy about science!! 🤪 Below is a Tedx Talk he did back in 2013. He has also been featured on The Universe (more than a dozen times, actually).

Episodes alternate and are released on a weekly schedule.

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