I have been waiting way too long to share this exciting project with you all! About one year ago, a dear colleague and friend who was in the same research group as me at Clemson was preparing to graduate and was asking the group for help with her proposal for job applications. So, I read her proposal, and at the end I read that she has plans to start a YOUTUBE CHANNEL for educational outreach. If you know me then you know I messaged her with my comments on her proposal and said I WOULD LOVE TO HELP WITH THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL IDEA.

A few months later we meet up, and it’s FIVE (5!!) of us that show up to a meeting, all with the same Clemson advisor (Marco must be proud 🥲). We had all read her proposal and said LET’S GO!🗣 📣 🤣

Over the next year, we prepared what this channel will be about, and man, it is no joke making videos and content of all kinds — it is a TON of work 🥵. Mainly because we all also have our day jobs, so juggling all of this has been an exciting challenge.

Without further ado, please go check out the channel we are building! We aim to share our passion for science with anyone and everyone because, as Nuria points out in the trailer below, it’s contagious! 😉

We plan to officially roll out our first season starting November 6 so be sure to follow/subscribe to your preferred platform (or all of them 😁 ) to make sure you get the latest news in the cosmos! 🌠

We aim to be active as an outreach group on our Youtube channel, webpage, and social media platforms, and I provide them all below! Go follow/subscribe/interact with us to help us grow ☺️

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