March 8, 2016

The weather has stayed a consistent windy and cold. Since I got off the plane it’s been at least -30F with gusts of wind reaching 35mph. Again, it was too cold to get out on the ice with the equipment. Not only was it too cold, but the wind has been so strong that it’s blowing the snow around to create a fog that limits visibility to about a mile. That creates unsafe conditions in regards to watching out for polar bears on the ice. We managed to get some data however to test the capabilities of OhmMy. Unless it clears up a reasonable time before sunset, it looks like that is all we will be able to do. 

We’ve had some issues with the odometer wheels. One of the Hall sensors totally defected and others had to be re-aligned as well as readjusting one of the Dallas Semiconductor temperature sensors. That only took a small portion out of our morning, though.

In the meantime, the research team has gotten lots of opportunities to get to know one another and bond. Maybe it will be better this way to gain camaraderie now and be an even better team once we are able to start getting data on the ice. I am hopeful to have the data and team ready to go the first chance we get to go out there. Wish us luck!

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