I am officially a Radford Highlander graduate with a B.S. in physics! Not only that but, I’ve already taken the chance to visit the Clemson town and campus.

Clemson is absolutely gorgeous; the campus, the people, the charm, history, surrounding area. I’m in love! I loved Radford so much too but I must say I am quite excited for the next step in my career at Clemson. I have yet to meet any faculty and other physics and astronomy graduate students but I look forward to that at orientation.

I still have so much to do to get prepared including studying my butt off! By the end of the summer, I hope to be an expert in all of the areas that I am currently weak in and then some :-). 

I have not signed up for classes yet or heard any details about my teaching assistantship training, but when I found out so will you 😉

In the mean time, try to find me in the Clemson amphitheater! 

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